A beautifully simple and versatile timer app with a secondary interval timer and repeat functions.
4 independent timers with custom labels
Beautiful UI with sound effects and animations
26 alerts including 11 humorous sounds
Background functionality with notifications
"Repeat Timer Pro is the timer app that Apple should have included on your iPhone."
"Execution is so close to flawless it's intimidating...an absolutely gorgeous interface and perfect functionality."
"If it were possible, I'd advise you to delete Apple's timer altogether and replace it with this. It just works."

One timer to time it all!

With a beautifully crafted and intuitive interface, tastefull sounds effects and animations, Repeat Timer Pro is a great replacement to your iPhone's stock timer for everyday tasks at home or at work. And with a secondary interval timer and repeat functions, it's perfect for anything and everything that needs timing!
Exercise timer for interval training and timed repetitions
Meditation or yoga timer with gong and chime sounds
Household timer for cooking, studying, working and more
Pomodoro Technique® timer using the interval timer for breaks

Interval timer and repeat explained

The interval timer is a secondary timer that runs between main timer cycles and the repeat setting is the number of times the cycle should run. Here is how it works:

Timer for everything!

...just to look at the beautiful interface and interact with intuitive controls wrapped in tasteful sounds and animations. Here is a peak at what's inside:
Quick setup: label, timers and repeat setting are one touch away.
Timer customization: only the settings you need, no clutter.
Variety of alerts: 26 awesome high-quality sounds for any taste.
Audio and visual alerts: flexible notification options for any situation.

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